How do students learn? – live on Facebook

Tomorrow’s Coffee@IH session will be streamed live on Facebook (see event here).

Ever wondered about how your students learn? Ever thought about how to get them to learn what you’re teaching them? We all have, so in this informal session we’ll be sharing experiences and looking at some ways to help you and your students.

After the session, we’ll be sharing the video here, in case you don’t get a chance to join us here at the school or online through Facebook!

Hope you enjoy it!

2 thoughts on “How do students learn? – live on Facebook”

  1. How do students learn can be a springboard to different levels of research. The most interesting in this session was that Sandra unveiled interesting aspects on the topic in a very amusing way. The first activity chilled everyone out, an icebreaker with folding and cutting to have us reflect on the importance of concentration. Concentrated students is half way to effective learning.
    In groups we listed problems in the classroom which hinder the learning and presented ways to overcome them, all this in a very dynamic way. Also, Sandra asked us about any challenging situation as students and how we reacted to it. Again the aim was to reflect upon the ways our students learn.
    To finish with, we looked at the different levels of learning and Sandra suggested ways to improve memorising in students. It was worth coming here and I am looking forward to the next one.

    1. Thank you for your feedback and for summarising the session, Joana. Your input was extremely valuable! We’ll be posting more suggestions soon! See you Wednesday!

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