This is Halloween! – by Sandra Luna



As most of my friends know, I absolutely love Halloween. I like carving pumpkins, welcoming the (very few) kids who come trick-or-treating, making cards and painting monsters with my boys. I think it’s better than Carnival, actually, I think it can’t be compared to Carnival. However, Halloween isn’t that popular in Portugal, really. It’s still seen as a “foreign”, “modern” activity so there’s not a lot of attention paid to it. Just that teachers, English teachers, that is, love it. Time to have fun and let the mean, (not that) nasty vampire come out, come out, wherever it is….

So, what do I have to share? Probably nothing new. If you go online there will be thousands of resources available. However, if you need a quick guide and don’t have time to scroll down Dr. Google’s list, here are a few resources and ready-made worksheets that can help save the day.


The History of Halloween (a short documentary by the History channel, quite good for an activity with adults) –

Halloween Songs for Kids! (half an hour of wonderful Halloween songs for VYL by Super Simple Songs) –

Short Story – Halloween is Grinch’s night (looking for a short film? This could be it. Dr. Seuss story for children about the Grinch) –

Halloween Cartoons (a playlist with 65 videos related to the theme. Great for VYL if you’re looking for a different way in which to finish/start your lesson) –

Crosswords, Puzzles & Word Searches

Word search (good for YL and teenagers) –

Halloween Scramble (a simple worksheet related to safety on Halloween, good for YL) –

Crossword (a sort of a Halloween trivia that is sure to keep your students busy for a while) –

Word search builder (make your own word search with this on line program, you will only have to print it) –


Halloween worksheets (@ you’ll find lots of printable worksheets you’ll be able to use with your students) –

Halloween worksheets and activities (you have everything here, from Reading comprehension, to vocabulary practice. @ you’ll find resources from several sorts)

The teachers’ corner (you’ll find recipes, puzzles, wordsearch, etc.) –

Super Simple Learning (this website will provide you with lesson plans, recipes, party ideas and so on) –


Dream English Halloween (focuses on songs that can be used, mainly, with children) –

Halloween songs (over 8 pages of different songs that can be used with other levels) –

And of course, if all else fails…

• The (you know why, don’t you 😉 –

• Printables, crafts, poems (not many people still remember this site, but it’s one of the oldest around) –